We would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves as one of  
manufacturers & exporters of Fabrics Textile Products in Bandung,  
Indonesia.  PT. Daya Pratama Lestari has been the name of one of the  
most innovative and leading textile producers. Our technical perfection,  
quality standards and innovative impacts are unique. PT. Daya Pratama  
Lestari has become one of the leading symbol of quality products in the  
textile industry.
Business Development
In order to become a world-class standard textile manufacturer, we are continuously
expanding our production, marketing, distribution network and services. We also realize the
value of participation in important national and international trade exhibitions. It is our
commitment to satisfy our customers by offering them excellent high-quality products at
competitive prices, promptly delivered and with hospitable servives.
All weaving machines with dobby produce
polyester greige fabric. Weaving machines
capacity: 114 machines, Weaving production
capacity: 1,000,000 yards per month
Knitting machines capacity : 39 machines
Knitting production capacity: 200,000 kg
per month
Dyeing - Finishing
Dyeing machines capacity: 25 machines
Dyeing production capacity : 2,000,000 yards
per month
Integrated textile company that produces high-quality specialty dyeing fabrics
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