About Us
To guarantee smooth and efficient production processes, and keep to the
high standard of quality of finished products, all production facilities are
equipped with the latest machines technology operated by high skill
experienced technician
Established on May 15, 1995, PT Daya Pratama Lestari is led by
Mr. Herawan Koswara.

As one of the fast growing textile companies in Indonesia, we
use the latest technologies and implement high standards of
Keeping up with the current developments of modern
technologies (machineries and other equipments) enables us to
produce high quality products at the best prices within the turn-
time required by our customers.

To ensure achievements in every segment, we have also
configured our corporate management in such a way that all
sections can be well coordinated and managed
Our vision is becoming the best and most
advanced Textile company in Indonesia in term
of quality and technology.

Our mission are to produce high quality textile,
to serve and to meet customer's expectations
and at the same time to promote satisfactory
working climate.
Vision & Mission
As a competent and responsible factory, we at Daya Pratama Lestari are fully aware of importance of a clean and safe environment. We believe that polluting will do harm to both the environment and the people living in it.
For this reason, we have invested heavily in research and construction of water treatment facilities to ensure that both the water and the area surrounding the factory are free from pollution or damage.
Our plant is equipped with waste treatment system utilizing "Biological Aerobic Process" method. The company helps to preserve water by using purified water from Water Treatment Installation for production while the excess water from production is processed in Waste Treatment Installation.
Integrated textile company that produces high-quality specialty dyeing fabrics
Dyeing machines capacity: 25 machines
Dyeing production capacity : 2,000,000
yards per month
Dyeing - Finishing
Knitting machines capacity : 39 machines
Knitting production capacity: 200,000 kg
per month
All weaving machines with dobby produce
polyester greige fabric. Weaving machines
capacity: 114 machines, Weaving
production capacity: 1,000,000 yards per
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